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TS-9XXe-5G Blind Mate Interface Repeatability

Quick overview of high frequency interfaces in ATE and MTS TS-9XXe-5G RF interface repeatability.

Accessing the Windows Registry using the WinReg.h DLL API from ATEasy

Often a program needs to access the Windows Registry to query or modify settings. This article demonstra...

Configuring an ATEasy Instrument Driver with an LXI Interface

LXI provides a convenient interface for communicating with and controlling benchtop ATE instrumentation. ...

Understanding Switching Used in Automated Test Equipment

This article describes the switching used in automated test systems.

GXFPGA (GX35xx / GX37xx / Gx37xxe) Software

22 September 2023

GXFPGA (GX35xx / GX37xx / Gx37xxe) Software ReadMe.txt

22 September 2023

GXPRes (GX1164) Software

22 September 2023

GxPres (GX1164) Read Me

21 September 2023


4 Channel PXI Source Measure Unit (SMU)

MTS-3060A SmartCan

SmartCan Gen2, Universal O-Level Armament Test Set


16 Channel Device Power Supply (DPS)


mmWave / 5G PXIe Production Test System