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Configuring an ATEasy Instrument Driver with an LXI Interface

LXI provides a convenient interface for communicating with and controlling benchtop ATE instrumentation. ...

Understanding Switching Used in Automated Test Equipment

This article describes the switching used in automated test systems.

Calling Unmanaged DLLs Functions from Powershell

This article demonstrates how to access Marvin Test Solutions' unmanaged DLL from PowerShell with example...

2022 Air & Space Forces Assn. Air, Space & Cyber Conference - Weapons and Munitions Panel

Marvin Test Solutions’ CEO, Major General Stephen T. Sargeant, USAF (Ret.), participated in the Weapons a...


mmWave / 5G PXIe Production Test System

TS-900e-5G Series

5G mmWave Semiconductor Production Test Systems


16 Channel Device Power Supply (DPS)


4 Channel PXI Source Measure Unit (SMU)